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As an industrial IoT manufacturer, UTEK technology(UOTEK) has been founded in 2003, is a National High-Tech Enterprise, which focuses on R&D, manufacturing & sales of industrial Ethernet switches, serial device servers, smart remote I/O, wireless transmission devices, USB converters, serial converter etc. UOTEK is recognized as the leading industrial Ethernet communication solution supplier in China; the products have a wide range of application in electric systems, railway/traffic, intelligent medical systems, industrial automation, power environment, security system.

UOTEK  is the enterprise and university cooperation including Tsinghua University & Jinan University, which attracts lots of top specialists & R&D personnel on industrial networking communication around the world.  We have advanced technology,  intellectual property rights, the patent for invention & appearance, and software copyrights.

UOTEK grows rapidly after establishing. The products of the ethernet industry have lots of  application on electrical systems, rail transit, banking system, IoT, intelligent medical, industrial automation, information smart management system, power environment, and security system, etc.
UOTEK  passed  certification ISO9001:2008,  ISO14001, RoHS, FCC, CE, and other domestic/international communication certifications. UOTEK is the first ethernet switch manufacturer to use four-dimensional standards on safe connection, which provides safe data chain connection and full solution, and drive up the development of industrial 4.0